"As the Founding Director of the Schauer Arts Center in Hartford, Wisconsin, I interacted with Daniel Hummel, as the videographer, on an informative/persuasive video presentation on the advantages/benefits regarding the coming of the Schauer Arts Center to Hartford. WI. Dan always exhibited maturity, creativity, imagination, energy, and a most congenial and collaborative personality. Creativity and interpretative abilities are clearly exhibited in this project. He is utterly dependable and always exhibits a professional attitude. He is very serious about his work and his significant level of personal commitment results in a clear standard of excellence. Dan is the best!" -- Paul Lormand, Founding Director of the Fine and Performing Arts Center @ Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina

“The students working under Dan's direction on the 'Every 15 Minutes' project did an outstanding job. Too often we see or hear the negative about teens. I am proud to say I've seen nothing but positive with the ones Dan has mentored. His dedication to the [HUHS TV Program] and his years of dedication to the youth of Hartford has and will continue to pay dividends.” -- James A Zywicki, Hartford Police Officer

“I worked with Dan on student projects in our high school's excellent TV studio on a regular basis. Dan always impressed me by his patience, flexibility, calm and constructive way of dealing with students, even when things were not working according to plan. He always put students first and tried to incorporate their ideas into their projects.” -- Christiane Scharpf, German Teacher

"Dan has to be an excellent 'multi-tasker' because he has to schedule facility and equipment usage, assist students with class projects, be responsible for transmission of school board meetings and work with staff on a variety of tasks. He also skillfully manages independent study students who wish to learn more about technical skills such as filming, editing, etc. I have never observed Dan- or heard of him being inappropriate or unprofessional with students or staff. He is great to work with and would be a strong asset to any work setting. Dan has gained the respect from the rest of the staff at Hartford Union High School." -- Connie Kreuser, School Counselor

"Dan obviously possesses many technical skills in his field and is able to teach students how to run sophisticated movie making, sound, video and editing equipment. With the constantly changing technology he is able to adapt and create stimulating representations of student work. Along with his technical expertise are his personal characteristics of flexibility and approachability which are extremely important in his line of work. Dan is very organized and always provided me with help scheduling and then with extensive reports on the student video projects. He also had to 'go with the flow' when dealing with teachers', students' and the school's schedules and distractions. Dan has a very pleasant and nurturing personality making him someone you can ask for help with technological and other issues. When faced with demands and requests for his time, rather than being condescending and annoyed, he is instead accommodating and enthusiastic." -- Sarrah Oliver, English Teacher

"Dan has great patience with students and takes a personal stake in their learning. He does a wonderful job of allowing the creative process to be a group effort, rather than simply giving authoritative orders to learners. I have been continually amaze at the way we can dump him some rough footage, music, a graph or two, and a few days later a polished product appears at our door. I know that isn't easy. Dan can be trusted to make sure the final product is outstanding, even if our input is not." -- Pete Meinberg, Social Studies Teacher

"I've had the privilege of working with Dan very closely. He has not only helped me implement some projects, but he has also made suggestions on how to make them better, [which not only makes them] better for me to view, but also better and easier for the students to make. Dan believes strongly that students are very capable people and he allows them latitude to experiment with both equipment and techniques." -- Dan Roskom, English Teacher

"As an instructor of Mass Media, I have worked with Dan and his television department for the past 23 years. Dan's invaluable and knowledgeable contributions to these classes cannot be overrated. Our TV department's unspoken priority was to become a curriculum-driven department. [When the TV classes] were dropped, Dan integrated his up-to-date department into the whole school curriculum, encouraging teachers to use the services he oversees. Dan is a gifted instructor of the technology he works with. Students and staff alike respect Dan and the sacrifices he makes for us all." -- Mark Boyd, English Teacher